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PD is short playable presentation of point&click adventure interface... similar to the one, that will be used in our upcoming adventure game title: Ignac2.
Since this is first an foremost the tech-demo (that explains the serious lack of puzzles), that's all you are stuck with... meaning, there won't be full version. However, the game has it's ending, so you'll know when you'll solve everything there is to solve.

You are playing as goofy detective Edd Zwahowsky and your only objective in this little demo is, to find your room.
-ESC brings up the menu with save/load/quit options
-LEFT CLICK to Walk (or exit in a new room, when exit arrow is available)
-DOUBLE LEFT CLICK to Talk/Interact/Use Inventory Item
-RIGHT CLICK to Look (or if you have selected inventory item, that's how you get rid of it)
-click on little "i" icon in the left bottom corner of the screen to bring up inventory (or press "i" button on keyboard).
Game is set up to 640x400 resolution/Hi-colors and it should run reasonably good on Celeron 200 Mhz. However, on some slower computers you can experience the difficulties with double-click not being detected (if you double-click very fast). If that's the case, the best solution is to click a bit slower... or set game in 320x200 resolution, which i really don't recommend. I'm working on solution for this problem.
Graphics & Animation & Game: Igor Sinkovec
Voice Acting (Edd & Housekeeper): Roderick Leermakers
Spell check: Tamara Schembri
Music: Various Sources
Voice version (3,7 mb):
Back up:
Text-only version (2 mb):
Back up:
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