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Here's full solution for Ignac. Try to use it only when you are completely stuck.

After your father send you in your room to study math, you are about to do everything else but study. Now... it seems the window is your only way to get out of house without parents notice it, but unfortunately, it's stuck (hey, what did you expect? It is an adventure game, remember?). Try to use computer... but you can not turn it on, because cable is missing (it must be father's way to punish you for bad marks). You look under the bed and find out, there's nothing but dust down there, at the moment. O.K., so try to shake the bed... nothing! But as you noticed, it is a bit too shaky, so you do the same a few times. The third time, you broke something. You are going to "explore" your under bed once again, to see the result of your action... Beside, that you realized, there's not only dust, that is gathering under you bed, you actually found something useful (at last!): Spring- you pick it up. There's nothing more interesting in your room, so let's go out.

Now you are in anteroom. You don't want to go down, because there are your parents, so the only choice are the door on the left, but they are LOCKED (if you picked up key from the desk in your room, you know the key is not the right one). So why not re-shape Spring in a key (use spring)?... and here it is! Before you go in new room, LOOK the carpet... you see something is hiding under, so you uncover it ( search with mouse cursor, the RIGHT UP corner of carpet, so the text Bulge will appear). You found small Plastic-bag. You are ready to go in "unlocked room".First check out the toilet (look) and find out, that your father has even weirder humor than you do, he hide cable in the toilet... eh? Weeeell... we don't want to go in that beautiful smelly toilet with our bare hand, do we? So let's use "plastic-bag" instead. The cable is all yours!
Now, go back to your room and plug in computer (use cable on computer and then on plug-in). When this is done, you can open CD-ROM and pick up CD. What can be CD used for (except for listening music, playing games or cutting pizzas)? Yes, you can use it on window's "crack", to open it... let's "use" window and... you just finished the game!